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Closeup of cashew


Olam prides itself on its superior origination capabilities and unparalleled reach across most major cashew origins, including West and East Africa, India and Vietnam. With the support of our dedicated year-round ground teams, and our long-term association with large grower, cooperative and local trader networks, we have been able to nurture sustainable and mutually-beneficial relationships at each of our origins.

We count among our key competitive strengths, years of cashew experience and lasting associations that have provided us with insightful and timely information. This in-depth knowledge of raw nut quality and crop profiles has, together with our vast reach, dynamic buying models and efficient logistics, made Olam the world’s largest RCN supplier.

Transparency has always been a competitive hallmark of Olam, and has positively impacted farmer earnings at origin. Today, we offer fully traceable organic cashews to select customers.

To find out more about Olam’s cashews, read 10 good reasons to savour the flavour of cashew, a photo story which follows the journey of a cashew nut from tree to consumer, featured in the Guardian’s Know Your Nuts series.