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Olam’s distinct operational style enables us to deliver more than just good cashews. We also help our customers manage their requirements more effectively, by ensuring they have timely access to proprietary information we derive from our presence across the value chain, in all major origins, and in destination markets. Our integration of origination bases and processing facilities in multiple locations across both hemispheres, serves as an inbuilt risk management tool for our customers, one that assures them of an uninterrupted cashew supply all year round.

We also offer product development expertise to our cashew customers, manufacturing and supplying customised grades according to their required specifications. To complement our service, we also offer them customised transactional options that include vendor-managed inventory services, an advantage they can use in a highly volatile market to proactively manage their buying. Our cashew marketing offices are spread broadly across the globe including branches in the USA, Europe, Dubai, India, Russia and Singapore.