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Our coffee plantation investments across select geographies have enabled us to cater to the niche but growing demand for single estate, certified and traceable coffees.

Our plantation footprint today spreads across all 3 coffee producing continents, with presence in Brazil, Zambia, Tanzania, and Laos. We develop all of our plantations to internationally recognised standards, complying with the IFC Performance Standards as a minimum, and going beyond this with the Olam Plantations, Concessions and Farms (PCF) code. This defines processes and standards for managing the environmental and social risks and impacts of plantations including land acquisition, biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, labour and working conditions, and constant dialogue with communities.

We have been able to initiate out-grower programmes for small-scale farmers close to our plantations, by providing training and inputs to help improve yields and livelihoods. Through investment in local education and healthcare facilities and income diversification training in beekeeping and other crops, we work closely with NGO partners to support thriving rural communities.

All of our plantations are in their early phases of development, with planting ongoing and relatively limited production thus far. Production is starting to pick up and will continue to increase in the coming years as the plants reach maturity and our long term sustainability strategy is actualised.

Read the case study on how Aviv Tanzania Ltd has developed an Integrated Water Resources Management Plan and how they are supporting smallholder coffee and rice farmers in the region.