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Farmers in Vietnam at a coffee plantation


Our business is centered on our origin operations, where we have made large investments in procurement, processing and logistics. In each of the origins we operate in, our large buying teams are spread across the growing regions and focus on selecting the best coffees. At the same time, our processing teams ensure that our coffees are well customised to the specific requirements of our customers, while our logistics infrastructure ensures the smooth flow of coffee from farm to factory gate.

As well as single-estate plantations, we source from a large network of smallholder farmers from origins across Africa, Asia, Central America and Latin America. Our year-round presence at the farmgate gives us the opportunity to enhance livelihoods, wellbeing and quality of crops through well-founded sustainability initiatives. This is the heart of our coffee business, and formalised through the flagship Olam Livelihood Charter (OLC).

Coffee Origins Key Facts

Africa Expand

We have built up a strong presence in Africa, with our coffee operations extending from Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Togo, to Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Rwanda. The vast spread and depth of these operations have allowed us to maintain very good control over the flow and quality of the coffee we procure. We work with expert partners on sustainability programmes that aid in the development of the local coffee communities, including 172,409 coffee farmers across Africa benefitting from initiatives in our flagship Olam Livelihood Charter.

Asia Expand

Our operations in India span its entire coffee belt. Within this landscape, we leverage both our network of intermediaries and our privileged planter relationships, to purchase the best quality coffees and process them in our mills in Hassan, Chikmagalur, Coorg and Wyanad.

In Indonesia, we buy coffee from all the major growing regions in Sumatra, processing them in our production facility in Lampung. At our specialty Arabica coffee operations in Medan, we carefully select and handpick premium quality “Lintong” and “Mandheling” coffees.

In Vietnam, we maintain a wide procurement spread across the country’s three largest coffee growing provinces, namely Dak Lak, Lam Dong and Gia Lai. We also operate a large wet-processing facility in Lam Dong through which we purchase fresh Arabica cherries and process these into high quality “fully-washed” and “semi-washed” Arabica coffee beans.

Our entry into Papua New Guinea (PNG) during 2013 further strengthens our coffee foot print in Asia. Like the rest of our Asian operations, in PNG we are present at source. Among others, we source coffee from Marey Yogiya, who in 2015 became PNG’s first woman to receive a government coffee export license.

Coffee is Timor-Leste’s largest non-oil commodity but production is fragmented and plantations need rehabilitation. That’s why through a partnership with ADB, Olam has introduced an inclusive business approach to coffee farming in this region to support farmers improve production and achieve an end-to-end sustainable supply chain.

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Central America and Andean Region Expand

In Colombia, we maintain three coffee mills supported by a network of zonal buying offices across most of the key growing areas. Our offerings cover most coffee varieties and qualities, including regional specialties like Medellin, Huila, Popayan and Bucaramanga.

Our presence in Peru comprises two mills in Lima and Jaen, processing all coffee varieties and types. Apart from supplying regular Peruvian MCM and MC coffees, we also offer customised coffee grades and blends to cater to the specific requirements of our clients.

In Honduras, we operate two mills and a large upstream buying network spread across all the country’s main coffee areas. In addition to offering the regular HG / SHG coffee varieties, we are also large exporters of special cupping coffees from specific areas like Marcala and San Marcos.

We have further enhanced our origination capabilities in the region for both mainstream and specialty coffees by establishing facilities and offices in Mexico and Guatemala.

Brazil Expand

We are among the largest coffee exporters in Brazil, with a large network of buying offices spread across all the key coffee growing regions. We have invested significantly in building up comprehensive coffee processing infrastructure and preferred partnerships in the country, servicing them well through our large and competent team of experienced professionals.

Specialty Coffees Expand

Our green coffee presence across the globe enables us to offer procurement and marketing expertise for specialty coffees. As a result of our solid upstream origination infrastructure, processing network, and the presence of strong cupping teams across all origins, we are able to offer customers a greater choice of specialty coffees driven by years of relationships with farmers, estates and cooperatives.

Our trained cupping professionals come with a wealth of experience, several of whom are also Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Q-grader-certified. This enables us to better understand our buyer requirements, and procure suitable coffees accordingly.