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Soluble coffee manufacturing plant

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Soluble Coffee – From Processing To Packs

With Café Outspan Vietnam and Seda Outspan Spain, Olam has 2 well positioned and strategic assets to take advantage of the growing soluble coffee market.

Café Outspan – Vietnam

As part of our strategy to expand into mid-stream coffee processing, Olam has invested in a Greenfield Soluble Coffee manufacturing plant in Ho Chi Minh city,

Café Outspan Vietnam has state-of-the-art manufacturing lines for Spray Dried, Freeze Dried, Agglomerate and frozen coffee extract. The plant started commercial production in early 2010 and in 2012 the production capacity was expanded.

We have a highly experienced team at the plant. The rigorous quality standards in production and hygiene have led to the facility being awarded the coveted BRC certification.

Seda Outspan – Spain

In December 2012, Olam acquired Seda Outspan – a leading private label instant coffee manufacturing plant in Palencia, Spain.

The facility produces Spray Dried Powder, Freeze Dried Powder, Agglomerated instant coffee granules and also decaffeinated green coffee beans. A key strength of the plant is the state-of-the-art packaging facility, where we pack coffee in bulk cartons as well as retail packs in glass jars, tins and flexible packaging material. The production and packing lines are fully automated with minimum human intervention, resulting in the highest hygiene and quality standards throughout the process.

Seda Outspan is a leading supplier to a number of private label instant coffee buyers across the world.

SEDA soluble coffee packs