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Formalised in 2012, GrowCocoa solidifies the commercial link between Olam and the Blommer Chocolate Company. GrowCocoa is a permanent, resource-stable structure able to move the shared cocoa sustainability vision forward. Our closeness to growers and their communities encourages a long-term commitment and investment in a sustainable supply chain, developing strategic partnerships, and improving livelihoods of cocoa farmers.

GrowCocoa builds on years of experience in developing grassroots sustainability programmes, with and for cocoa growers. Blommer and Olam have been working together in addressing cocoa sustainability since 2004, when they established several sustainability programmes including: SAFOB (Sulawesi Alliance of Farmers Olam & Blommer) in Indonesia and CIFOB (Côte d’Ivoire Farmers Olam & Blommer).

Embedded in both Blommer Chocolate Co. and Olam’s sustainability programmes, GrowCocoa is well represented within the Blommer Sustainable Origins and Olam Livelihood Charter sustainability plans.

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