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Cocoa butter packaging


We have manufacturing bases in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Spain with investments in Côte d’Ivoire underway. Solimar Food Ingredients (SFI) is our latest cocoa acquisition in Spain that manufactures a range of cocoa powders.

Solimar is a leading user of cocoa powder and has a strong position in the domestic market. Abroad Britannia Food Ingredients (BFI) is a leading supplier of specialty fats to the confectionery, snack food and biscuit industries in the UK and Europe recognised for its brand of R&D, innovation, customisation, quality and service. The factory is an accredited ingredient supplier of cocoa butter, chocolate vegetable fats (CBE/CBI/CBR), reduced saturate frying oils and dairy oils. BFI collaborates with customers on fat blends and formulations to either reduce costs, optimise functionality or improve health benefits.