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Harvesting cocoa in the Ivory Coast


Olam has built its cocoa business by combining our unique and unparalleled strengths at origin with market presence as well as research, information, analysis and futures market expertise. Over a number of years we have clearly demonstrated our capability in the supply chain to offer traceability, transparency and trust for our customers. In October 2015, we created a new entity, Olam Cocoa, following the acquisition of ADM Cocoa. In combining a leader in cocoa bean sourcing with one of the world’s leading cocoa processors, we have formed a fully integrated cocoa business that supplies cocoa beans and cocoa products, establishing a new dynamic in the industry.

Our enhanced, joint proposition offers breadth, depth and scalability –- from origin sourcing, trading, market intelligence and research, risk management, value-added processing and supply chain solutions, to sustainability, R&D and product innovation. This allows us to provide customers with far-reaching benefits that meet their needs.

Our team is a highly motivated group of 2,400 chocoholics who believe in their business and the cocoa and chocolate industry. The company supports all relevant organisations and has Board representation on many bodies including the Federation of Cocoa Commerce, World Cocoa Foundation, European Cocoa Association and the Cocoa Association of Asia.