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Commodity Financial Services

Olam’s Commodity Financial Services (CFS) business was started in 2003 when we decided to leverage our knowledge of leading-edge risk management practices to develop our ‘latent asset’ in the space of both commodity and derivative markets.

There are now 3 core business areas operated by CFS, namely Risk Management Solutions, Structured Trade Finance and Olam Asset Management.

Risk Management Solutions (RMS)

RMS was established in 2003 and offers price risk management products to participants in the agricultural supply chain.

See details here.

Olam Asset Management

Olam Asset management represents the hedge fund business that is managed by Invenio Asset Management Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Olam International (via Invenio Holdings Pte Ltd), that currently manages captive investment deploying it in two distinct strategies, namely Commodity Fund & Quantitative Funds.

Structured Trade Finance