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Men in hi vis at a cotton gin

Products & Services

Over the last 26 years, we have stayed focused on a single asset class, agri commodities, and within that, built a diversified and relatively recession resistant portfolio, largely comprising food raw materials and ingredients.

Our business model is based on adjacency expansion to create systematic, repeatable organic and inorganic growth initiatives around our core supply chain business. We have grown by taking advantage of adjacent opportunities in businesses, which share geographies, channels, costs, suppliers and customers, and acquiring new businesses and competencies. We have repeated this formula to evolve from a one-product and one-country business to a multi-country, multi-product supply chain manager.

Our business is today organised under five segments:

  • Edible Nuts, Spices and Beans
  • Confectionery and Beverage Ingredients
  • Food Staples and Packaged Foods
  • Industrial Raw Materials
  • Commodity Financial Services

Leadership positions

Edible Nuts, Spices & Beans

Number 1 global supplier:

  • Cashews
  • Dehydrated onion & garlic
  • Sesame

Number 2 global grower:

  • Almond

Top 3 supplier:

  • Hazelnut

Confectionery & Beverage Ingredients

Number 1 global trader and exporter:
  • Cocoa

Top 2 supplier:

  • Coffee

Food Staples & Packaged Foods

Number 2 global supplier:
  • Rice

Number 2 exporter Russia:

  • Grains

Top 3 global operations:

  • Dairy

Industrial Raw Materials

Number 1 global ginner:
  • Cotton (privately owned)

Number 1 global supplier FSC® certified tropical products:

  • Timber

Number 2 global merchant:

  • Cotton