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  1. Olam and Mighty Earth agree to collaborate on Forest Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture in Highly Forested Countries Feb 21, 2017 In the wake of Mighty Earth’s 2016 report, Palm Oil’s Black Box, Mighty Earth and Olam met in Washington D.C.More
  2. Olam meets growing demand from specialty coffee customers for certified Arabica Jan 20, 2017 Two Olam International (“Olam”) coffee plantations in Africa have achieved Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certification for over 2,500 hectares (ha)More
  3. Olam International’s response to Mighty Earth and Brainforest report Dec 12, 2016 Olam International is a global listed agri-business, operating in multiple food supply chains that is committed to its core purposeMore
  4. Olam International prices US$175 million US debt private placement Dec 6, 2016 Olam announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Olam Americas Inc. (“OAI”) has successfully priced US$175 million of 5-year fixed rateMore
  5. Olam Cocoa celebrates 70 years for Joanes with the inauguration of a new Product Development & Innovation Centre and Sustainability programme Nov 3, 2016 New no-added sodium black cocoa powder and new branding also launched To mark the 70th anniversary for Olam Cocoa’s leadingMore