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Olam Ghana operates across 6 different product categories: Cocoa, Cashew, Biscuits, Tomato Paste, Wheat and Rice.

Cocoa in Ghana

  • Established: in 1998/9; 1stGlobal Trading House (GTH) to be Licensed
  • Over 18 years of Internal Marketing (Local Buying Company), External Trading with Cocoa Marketing Company and Processing – Own Machinery/Toll
  • Over 450 local staff
  • Syndicated loan of US$2 billion providing foreign exchange stability and cover to the country
  • Covers 58 Districts and 85 upcountry warehouses in 6 regions, 5 upcountry branch offices and 3 port offices
  • 1,600 Procurement Clerks, 5,000 societies and 120,000 farmers
  • Sustainability initiatives – Rainforest Alliance; improved yields and additional livelihood incomes; fertiliser, fungicide, pesticide and chemicals distribution

Cocoa Processing

  • Started production in 2009
  • Product: natural cocoa liquor
  • Brand: UNICAO Ghana (30 years history and experience)
  • Unique upcountry position in the heart of cocoa growing area
  • Fully automated plant with highest international safety and quality standards
  • 3 liquor recipes with specific flavour profile
  • Exports to 5 continents

Cashew in Ghana

  • Established in 1994
  • Activities: cashew trading, farmer training on crop quality and quantity improvement, farmer credit and infrastructure support
  • 2 regions; Sampa and Techiman
  • 22,000 farmers in 225 communities
  • First player to certify and export organic cashew

Biscuits in Ghana

Through the continual improvement and constructive feedback and effective implementation of all controls, our biscuit quality meets both customer and manufacturing needs.

  • 1 Biscuits company in Ghana
  • Main brands: King Cracker, Milky Magic, Perk
  • Production capacity of 2,000 MT/month
  • King Cracker is the largest selling Biscuits brand in Ghana
  • Over 50,000 stores selling our Brands
  • Direct town presence in 150 towns, through 166 Distributors and 15 distribution vans

Tomato Paste in Ghana

Tasty Tom is produced in one of the largest tomato paste facilities West Africa, second in size only to South Africa on the continent. The facility was acquired in October 2011 and commenced production in 2013.

  • Current production capacity of 4,200 MT/month
  • 2 main market brands: Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix, Festin Tomato Mix
  • Tomato paste processing and canning facility under one roof
  • Employing over 350 staff
  • 100+ Distributors, with direct presence in 60+ towns
  • Zero lost time incidents since commencing operations
  • Self-sustained laboratory for all major chemical and microbiological analysis of products

Grains in Ghana

We source wheat grains from around the world, and manufacture over 275,000 MT of flour for distribution in Ghana and also for export to Togo, Benin, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Key flour brands: First Choice, Royal Gold, Adepa, Vital.

The wheat mill manufactures different types of wheat flour which are specially designed for baking applications ranging from sandwich bread, pastry and confectionery, French baguette and pasta, biscuit and noodles.

  • Milling capacity of 1090 MT of wheat per day
  • The factory currently employs 300 people
  • Highest food safety, quality, health and safety standards
  • Fortified with micro-nutrients and vitamins to meet Ghanaian and BBTN health needs
  • In-house bakery provides product development insights and training to bakers across the country

Rice in Ghana

With years of experience sourcing, processing and packaging in rice, we ensure that great care is taken to get the rice from farm to your plate. Our product undertakes stringent inspections and procedures to ensure high quality.

  • Established in 1994
  • Activities: Rice import, branding and distribution
  • Olam has 3 leading market brands in Ghana: Royal Feast, Royal Aroma, Mama Africa
  • Warehouses in Tema, Kumasi
  • Over 150,000 MT Rice distributed through 120 direct key distributors across the country
  • Access to the complete Imported Rice Market in all 10 regions