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Farming in Gabon

CR&S Commitment

Olam is committed to Growing Responsibly. This means that we aim to generate economic prosperity, contribute positively to social wellbeing and manage our stewardship of the environment by providing sustainable agricultural products and food ingredients as in turn this will enable us to have long-term sustainable supply chains.

Through the unique and innovative public-private partnership between Olam and the Gabonese Republic, Olam Gabon has pioneered a reciprocal approach for the creation of mutual value. All stakeholders, including communities or government, should be able to benefit from our company’s projects. We believe growth can only be realised through multi-party collaboration, enabling all partners to flourish. Thus, we work in line with the Olam International Sustainability Standard, a pioneering approach to build an end-to-end sustainable supply chain, where social welfare and environmental stewardship are pillars of our long-standing commitment to investing in rural communities.

Learn how we are:

Read the case study on land tenure for the GRAINE programme in a report by Earth Security Group on A framework for Sustainability Innovation in Agri-business (page 19).  CEO Sunny Verghese provides the foreword in his capacity as Chair of World Business Council for Sustainable Development