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Farming in Gabon


Olam Gabon’s response to the environmental, social and economic challenges it faces in its operations relies on the expertise and performance of its teams. That is why Olam Gabon seeks to attract, train and retain the very best employees, from all qualification levels and from all the employment areas in which it operates. By helping individuals develop their careers through our vision, our values and our goals, we attract talented professionals who share our thirst for success.

Our culture and values

Our employees are the architects of our future. They transform our culture into a unifying force for the benefit of our businesses. Our values are at the heart of our success and are a tangible expression of our corporate culture.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • We continuously seek unique opportunities and act upon them at every level in the organisation;
  • We promote risk taking when the potential rewards are great;
  • We make it safe for our managers to fail occasionally as a learning process;
  • We use our own products;
  • We encourage our people to participate in the risks and rewards of the business by taking equity stakes in the company.

Stretch & Ambition

  • We instil ambition and aspire for high standards of success;
  • We shape our ambition through inducting a unique point of view of the future of our businesses;
  • We embed the desire to achieve that which seems beyond our grasp;
  • We demonstrate discretionary effort and passion for doing more than expected.

Being true to our word

  • We demonstrate ownership mindset in everything we do;
  • We show an intensity to win;
  • We deliver on our promises, role and responsibilities; We deliver on commitments;
  • We set high standards for execution excellence through continuous improvement.

Mutual Respect and Team Work

  • We show respect for each other and points of view through responsible, open, two way communication;
  • We value the diversity among our colleagues in style, language and talent;
  • We actively share information and ideas in a boundary-less manner regardless of business unit or self interest;
  • We encourage widespread participation in our decision making process.


  • We always strive to do the right thing;
  • We are committed to fostering sustainable and responsible business practices;
  • We promote ideas, projects and people based on merit in an objective and unbiased way;

Customer & Supplier Focus

  • We understand and respect our customers and supplier needs;
  • We strive to develop positive and long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers;
  • We strive for high customer and supplier satisfaction.