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Established in 1997. Through our strong trading network, we buy a third of the country’s 100,000MT of Robusta and are the largest exporters of Ivorian Robusta in North Africa, Europe and Asia.  We lead the promotion of coffee sustainability and rejuvenation through farmer training, distribution of over 2,000 hectares of high-yielding coffee seedlings to date, 60% of which are today inn production; and financing 101 hulling machines. We are the only 4C-verified coffee exporter.

  • Supply base of 13,000 partner farmers and 130 traders
  • 1 factory, 2 warehouses, 4 offices
  • First-of-its-kind project to rejuvenate the coffee plantations through introduction of new high yielding varieties, post-harvest infrastructure, cooperative development and planter training.