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Having developed a strong leadership position in Cameroon’s agri-business sector over the last 17 years, Olam is now a key player in the country’s cocoa, coffee, rice and dairy sectors, even conducting its own primary processing for both cocoa and coffee.

In the coffee segment in particular, we are working to revitalise local Arabica exports from farmers in the country’s North West province. This is in collaboration with both the DE foundation, who are funding the project, and the National Cocoa and Coffee Board, who are part of the project steering committee.

In addition, apart from buying a significant quantity of wood from local exporters, we also play an important role in supporting Cameroon’s food security efforts, especially in the distribution of rice and dairy products across the country. From 2012-2016 the Olam Cameroon Rice Team saved over 50 million servings of rice by adopting simple protocols to reduce food losses across the segments of the supply chain under their control. Read the full case study here.

Currently, we maintain field offices in 31 locations across Cameroon, several of which only operate seasonally. By effectively leveraging both our risk management tools, and our ability to understand customer and supplier needs, we have successfully ensured that all our stakeholders are satisfied with our commitment to them.

Olam Cam SARL

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