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Olam first established a presence in Zambia in 2007, with the incorporation of our cotton business. This is a similar business model to the one established in Zimbabwe, where we soon became the third largest cotton player in the market employing 175 full time staff and more than 2,000 seasonal employees.

Initially we were operating independently but recognised this would limit our scope for growth, consequently we entered into a joint venture in 2009 with Continental Ginnery to extend our capabilities. Currently we provide approximately 45,000 hectares of inputs (planting seeds and chemicals) on credit to 30,000 small and marginal cotton farmers, providing them with agronomy support and then buying their crop back in cash. We then gin the seed cotton and export the lint.

Zambia is self-sufficient in its grain requirements. Realising its importance in regional grain flows and with regard to the local carry margins available, we started in 2008 trading in grains – maize, soya and wheat, as well as imports of rice on a small scale.

In August 2012, through a competitive bidding process we took over Northern Coffee Corporation Ltd (NCCL), a 4400 hectares coffee plantation in Kasama, the Northern Province of Zambia. We plan to plant close to 2,000 hectares under Arabica coffee at this plantation which will make this one of the largest in Africa. Once production starts, Zambia will return to the coffee map of the world and make Olam the largest producer and exporter of coffee from Zambia.

Since Olam took over Northern Coffee Corporation Ltd (NCCL), we have created additional employment for over 1,000 people around the Estates. We follow transparent recruitment policies to ensure fair employment opportunities for all. These additional jobs have added exponentially to the prosperity in and around our Estates.

Read more about our sustainability initiatives in Zambia here.

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