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In 2009 we invested in a 14.35% stake in New Zealand Farming Systems Uruguay (NZFSU), a dairy business that owns and manages farms.

At this time, NZFSU had 3,800 milking cows producing a total of just over 12 million litres of milk a year. NZFSU became our subsidiary in 2010 with a controlling stake of 78%, and in 2012 we acquired 100%, a demonstration of our commitment to the business and Uruguay’s dairy industry.

Today NZFSU is the largest player in Uruguay’s upstream dairy segment, with 49 farms across Central, West and East Uruguay.

Our goal in Uruguay is to develop a cost effective and highly profitable milking production system that significantly contributes to the national dairy industry and complements our global export business.


NZ Farming Systems Uruguay

NZ Farming Systems Uruguay
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