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Olam’s operations in Ecuador started in April 2010 with an office in Guayaquil. We established the business to develop our cocoa and teak sourcing and exporting operations.

Ecuador has seen the largest growth in both teak and cocoa in the last 5 years, it currently ranks as the world’s largest exporter of teak and is in the top 5 exporters of cocoa. It has had a CAGR* of over 10% in both products, a growth unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

We set up our operations in 2010 to participate in this growing market and strengthen our position as the largest cocoa bean trading company in the world. The cocoa operations are in line with our strategy of being present in all the major producing countries, buying directly from small intermediaries and farmers, enabling us to participate at the beginning of the supply chain whilst giving us first-hand information of local markets.

Currently we have headquarters in Duran, Guayaquil. We have multiple primary units close to the fino-aroma growing regions, allowing us to source fine-flavour cocoa initiatives where we work with small farmers and a dedicated team of expert agronomists training to increase productivity and income levels.

* CAGR – Compound Annual Growth Rate


Olam Ecuador S.A.

Ciudad de Duran
4.5 km via Duran Tambo e Interseccion via Yaguachi
Guayaquil, Ecuador
T: T: (+593) 2800851 / 2800852