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Oustpan Colombia initiated operations in early 2007. As the largest producer of the sweet-tasting Mild Arabica coffee, Colombia is synonymous with coffee and is a key sourcing origin for Olam’s global coffee business.

Started as a single point operation, we now have nine warehousing and processing points throughout the country. Our direct presence from these units allows us to offer logistical and financial solutions to coffee intermediaries and farmers, which has helped us to be recognised as a trusted partner for the local coffee community. Our strong commitment to our customers on quality and reliability has been the main driver of our business success, and today we are amongst the top five private coffee exporters in the country.

In addition to our mainstream offerings, we are also striving to become a leader in the specialty and certified coffee segment, and to realise this goal we are working directly with farmer groups in different regions on sustainability projects.

Outspan Colombia

Cra 11 # 86-32 (Of 604),
Bogotá DC, Colombia
T: (+57) 1 256 1536