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Olam’s operations in Argentina began in May 2005 when we initiated our peanut business in the country’s Cordoba Province. Coincidentally, in making peanut farming an integral part of Olam’s overall product strategy, we also marked our first foray into proper farming in Argentina.

In 2007, we established a state-of-the-art facility to carry out farmer stock drying, pre-cleaning and peanut storage. Subsequently, in 2009, we acquired Industrias Martin Cubero (IMC), adding its full-scale peanut processing plant to our infrastructure.

Leveraging such capabilities, we have built a leadership position in the peanut industry and today, operate an integrated Peanut supply chain, with both upstream (farming) and midstream (processing) capabilities. Our plants are certified to GMP, HACCP and most recently, BRC standards.

These competencies have also allowed us to expand our product scope into adjacencies such as soy and corn farming. We also manage an integrated supply chain for dry bean products such as alubias, cranberry and black beans in Northern Argentina. We have also commenced rice farming on 2,000 hectares and we believe strongly that this will be a sizeable business in the future.

Olam Argentina

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