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Our operations in Argentina begun back in May 2005 when we initiated our peanut business in Province of Córdoba. We continued to expand and in 2009 we acquired a full-scale peanut processing plant to carry out farmer stock drying, pre-cleaning, peanut storage, shelling and blanching.

Since 2011, we continued to invest in state-of-the art equipment to respond to our customers’ requirements in terms of product quality, packaging and product safety. Leveraging such assets, capabilities with our global presence in the main origins and consumer markets, we have built a strong position in the peanut industry. Olam operates an integrated Peanut supply chain in Argentina, with both upstream (farming) and midstream (processing) capabilities. Our plant is certified to GMP, HACCP, BRC, Kosher, SMETA-4 (Sedex member) standards.

Our purpose is to satisfy the demand of high-quality peanuts, specially catering the snacks and confectionary sectors globally. We endeavour to provide superior customer service, to comply with the highest standards of product safety. We produce raw and blanched peanuts of runner variety in the different jumbo and medium grades as well as splits.

Because almost all our production is exclusively farmed by Olam and supervised by our Team of Agronomists, we can provide traceability and ensure our peanuts grow under sustainable farming practices, including no-till seeding, a disciplined used of agrochemicals, etc. Since 2014, we are certified under Unilever’s Sustainable Agriculture Code, being the first in Argentina for peanuts.

Our CSR activities include the support of local schools and the training of labour contractors on health, safety and sustainability at farms.

Olam also manage an integrated supply chain business of Alubia beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), with upstream and midstream presence in the Province of Salta, in Northern Argentina. In recent years, Olam has been one of the country’s largest exporter.


With more than ten years in the market, we have become a solid partner to our customers by providing superior...
Andres Kiceleff (Vice President, Business Head, Peanuts, Argentina)


With more than ten years in the market, we have become a solid partner to our customers by providing superior buying experience: from farm to port, our purpose is to guarantee a seamless documentation process, shipment dates fulfilment and compliance to specifications. The global presence of our global marketing offices is a valuable facilitator and providers of updated market insights.
Andres Kiceleff (Vice President, Business Head, Peanuts, Argentina)

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