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Olam’s operations in Switzerland comprise 3 main activities – representing Olam’s coffee interests in Europe; marketing grains outside Africa and Asia; and as headquarters for our marketing activities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Based in Geneva, our coffee business creates value for our customers through our local expertise and close proximity to dominant European coffee clients. Our team handles all aspects of communications, market information, logistics and just-in-time delivery for our green and soluble coffee products. This enables us to offer our customers a higher level of service, and assists them in the sourcing of new clients and the acquisition of market intelligence.

In our grains business, we support our customers through the extensive market knowledge, experience and information gained from our 25 years in the grain market. Our Nyon grain desk currently serves 2 purposes marketing our grain from the Russia and Black Sea origins; and serving any grain demand from North and South America, Europe and the Black Sea.

Olam Switzerland

1-3 rue de Chantepoulet
Mont-Blanc Centre – 1201
T: (+41) 22 716 5270 F: (+41) 22 716 5271