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Since 1994, Olam has had an increasing presence in Spain. Today, we successfully maintain 2 key product groups; cocoa and coffee. 


Spain is the world’s second largest importer of cocoa solids and a large cocoa processing country with a rich chocolate tradition. Olam Food Ingredients Spain was established in 2011 in Valencia, and increased the cocoa powder proposition through the acquisition of Macao, a well recognised brand with a strong market share.

Our management team has over 30 years experience in cocoa and maintains strong relationships with Spanish chocolate and confectionery manufacturers, snack companies and powder users. We have created a marketing and manufacturing centre of excellence for cocoa powder and are a leading supplier to the chocolate beverage and biscuit industries in the Iberian and North African markets.


In December 2012, Olam acquired Seda soluble coffee, a brand which has been associated with the production of private label and bulk coffee since 1957. A new, accomplished management team were implemented into the business.

Seda Outspan Iberia SL has 3 locations. In Palencia, the plant manufactures soluble and decaffinated coffee; the centre in Villamuriel manages packing and logistics; whilst the office in Madrid supports the commercial activities.

Our production capacity is 10,500 tonnes of soluble coffee and an additional 10,000 tonnes of decaffeinated produce. We operate robust quality audit systems and maintain third party certifications. The coffee operations in Spain primarily service the European market, whilst the plant in Vietnam supports Asia.

Seda Outspan Iberia SL

Paseo Padre Faustino Calvo,
SN 34005

T: +34 979 71 61 00 F: +34 979 71 61 10