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Commonwealth of Independent States

Olam began its Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) origin operations in Uzbekistan in 1996. This was followed soon after by Turkmenistan in 1998, Kazakhstan in 2002 and Tajikistan in 2004. A relatively late entrant among cotton merchants in the CIS, we have still emerged over the last five years as the strongest, with a presence today in all the major CIS cotton-producing countries.

We trade close to 120,000 tonnes of cotton, or 10% of the region’s total exportable surplus, and are the top shipper of CIS cotton into the key destination markets of Bangladesh and Turkey. We are also one of the biggest exporters of cotton fibre from Turkmenistan where we have the advantage of strong local management and market intelligence.

We employ 36 permanent staff to help us manage cotton fibre procurement at origin and logistics to the final destination. Our best-in-class systems, processes and logistics capabilities help us manage risks in our leg of the value chain.

Olam CIS

Olam International Ltd.
Representative office
61, Kichik Beshegoch Street,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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