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Olam’s operations in Tanzania began in 1994. Since then, we have established a significant presence in the country, with 122 permanent staff and over 2,000 seasonal employees spread across 15 out of the 22 regions. We have a particularly strong presence in Dar Es Salaam where we have our head office, and in Songea, Mwanza, Bunda, Bokoba, and Kyela, where we operate regional offices.

Today we manage an integrated supply chain for four key products, cotton, sesame, cocoa, and green coffee. Our 2,000 hectare green coffee project is based in Lipokela village. The Olam Tanzania subsidiary AVIV Tanzania, was established in 2011 to grow world class Arabica coffee by implementing environmental and social standards. To read more about the development of the coffee plantation, particularly with regard to water security, farmer livelihoods, food security and labour practices, please see our case study here.

In overseeing every stage of the supply chain across our products in Tanzania, from origination through to distribution, we are able to add value and manage risk across our operations, delivering quality products to our customers worldwide.

Stakeholder consultation announcement for Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) for AVIV Coffee Plantation from SGS

Olam International is announcing a 30 days stakeholder consultation process in compliance with the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification process for the AVIV coffee plantation in the Upper Ruvuma Catchment, Tanzania.

The AWS is a non-profit organisation engaged in fostering water stewardship initiatives at global level. The AWS Standard has been elaborated through a four years’ multi stakeholder process and it represents the response to the global need to preserve water resources. The Standard, available at Alliance for Water Stewardship, is developed around the concept water stewardship implementation at site level to ensure that shared-water challenges and opportunities are address to the benefit of the broader catchment area.

A local stakeholder consultation is also being announced in local language and through local media. In particular, the local consultation is making extensive use of the local radio station and billboards. The local stakeholder consultations’ process will end with a meeting of all stakeholders wishing with Olam International and the Conformity Assessment body.

All stakeholders interested and/or affected by this web announcement, are invited to submit written comments via email both to Olam International and to the Conformity Assessment Body. Please clearly use “Aviv Coffee Farm Plantation Certification Process” as email subject and send to the following:

Conformity Assessment Body: SGS
Francesca Cerchia:

Olam International Limited
Jeremy Dufour:
+255 783 791 155

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