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In 2006 Olam launched operations in Sudan to manage the origination and distribution of sesame to our primary markets of the Middle East and China.

We have expanded our portfolio to include exportable commodities such as groundnuts, groundnut cake and melon seeds. In addition, we also diversified into the importation of milk powder, sugar, tomato paste and rice.

Our head office is in Khartoum and our four satellite units are in Port Sudan, Gedaref, Kosti and Al Obeid. We employ 28 people and 18 seasonal employees, supported by a strong network of agents and business partners.

Olam Sudan

A.B.G for Shipping & Trading
Atiyad Building,
Ziber Basha Street
Near Satguru Travels
Near Acropole Hotel
3rd Floor, Block No. 303
Khartoum, Sudan
T: +2499183746699 F: (+249) 1 5515 5198