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Olam began operations in Mozambique in 1999, handling cashew procurement in the country’s Northern province of Nampula. Today, our operational scope has expanded to 7 product categories spanning the length and breadth of Mozambique.

Olam Mozambique actively assists more than 40,000 farmers with their inputs and financing, and provides them with a market for their produce. For example, we are actively participating in rice farming to improve food security for the country. Our rice distribution network now spans most of Mozambique’s towns, and our rice brand, Mama Africa, is one of the leading brands in the country.

Concurrently, we operate 3 cotton concessions in the North and Central regions of Mozambique, increasing our productivity and yields through innovative Cotton Extension Services, to improve the lives of rural farmers in these regions.

In Nampula, we employ over 4,000 employees in our cashew processing operations, 90% of whom are women. This proudly places us among the leading employers across the whole country.

To support Mozambique’s continued progress, we have become an integral part of the “Operation Verde” Initiative of the Government of Mozambique. As part of our commitment to the programme, we are planning new initiatives to improve our peanut, cashew, sesame and cotton farming, as well as our ‘Out grower’ programmes.

Olam Mozambique

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