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East Africa

The foundations for Olam’s East Africa Cluster were first laid in Tanzania in 1995 with a cashew trading focus. Today the cluster oversees 7 countries, with a direct presence in 5 and trading relationships in 2. The crux of its business operations centre on cashew processing, coffee and cocoa trading, cotton farming and processing, sesame farming and export, the import and distribution of packaged foods.

Over the next few years, growth for this cluster will see structured consolidations across our current businesses, balanced off with fresh initiatives into coffee farming, oil milling and refining and logistics investments. We have laid the groundwork for investments into upstream plantations in countries like Tanzania, Ethiopia and sought new frontiers into Sudan, and Kenya, which welcome external investors.

The success of our product portfolio notwithstanding, the emergence of new and opportune markets like South Sudan and Burundi with healthy investment climates, will give us the opportunity to extend our product range significantly within this cluster to meet demand.