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Queensland Cotton specialises in all stages of the cotton marketing process including the acquisition, processing, risk management, sale, classification, storage, transport and export of processed Australian cotton.

We have a well established reputation within the cotton industry and are recognised as an industry leader, a trusted supplier of premium quality cotton, and a preferred partner for many of the major Textile Mills worldwide. As part of the Olam Group, we are one of the world’s largest cotton companies, with a strong presence in most producing and consuming countries.

Our experienced marketing team link Australian cotton producers with spinning mills worldwide. We work hard to build and maintain a customer focused culture. Our aim is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with reliable quality focused spinning mills by supplying premium Australian cotton on time, and in accordance with the customers’ needs.

Our marketing and trading philosophy is guided by the following principles:

  • Quality shipments
  • Ship to contract regardless of price movement after purchase
  • React immediately to problems
  • Ship on time

We offer growers and spinning mill customers alike a choice of contracts which include a variety of price and delivery alternatives. These enable each party to manage market exposure.

We market cotton to all major consuming markets including Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Pakistan, South Korea, India, Italy, Hong Kong and Malaysia. We continually seeks new trading opportunities and our marketing presence in other countries has been the spearhead for global expansion.

Queensland Cotton operates 10 state-of-the-art cotton gins throughout Queensland and New South Wales, with a combined ginning capacity of more than one million bales. Our cotton gins are located in Emerald, Moura, Cecil Plains, Dalby, two at St George, Mungindi, Collarenebri, Wee Waa, and Warren.

Queensland Cotton’s gins process seed cotton from growers into baled lint ready for spinning into yarn.

Our gins are world class with stringent maintenance programs that focus on quality and safety and are operated by highly-trained operators. Using the latest technology, Queensland Cotton’s ginning process maintains or even improves fibre quality, which benefits both grower and spinning mill.

We place a strong emphasis on developing long-term, sustainable relationships with growers and obtaining the best quality outcomes for them. Our aim is to produce the highest quality premium grades of cotton for our customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and the ability to customise our processes to meet end user requirements.

We welcome customers to visit our gins and discuss specific requirements as their cotton is being processed.