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Outspan Bolovens Limited (OBL) was incorporated in Laos in 2009 as a subsidiary of Olam International, to manage a greenfield coffee plantation project in the heart of the Boloven Plateau at an altitude of 1,250 metres.

Olam’s first greenfield coffee venture, the project forms part of our strategy to integrate backward into upstream plantations in Laos, and aims to produce high quality estate-specific certified specialty coffee for niche markets worldwide. Our plan is to develop 2,000 hectares of land of which 1,300 hectares have already been planted. The remaining land will be planted in a phased manner.

Outspan Bolovens Ltd

Ban Keosamphan
Pakse Dist – 16606
Champasak Province
Laos PDR
T: (+856) 3121 4290 F: (+856) 3121 4290