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Maintaining our leadership positions

Edible Nuts, Spices and Vegetable Ingredients

Leadership positions

  • #1 global dehydrated garlic supplier
  • #1 global dehydrated onion supplier
  • #1 global cashew supplier
  • #1 global almond grower
  • Largest independent peanut blancher and ingredient manufacturer in USA

  • Acquired USA’s third largest peanut sheller, McCleskey Mills, and became the country’s most vertically integrated player with shelling, blanching and ingredients presence
  • Acquired pistachio and walnut plantations in the USA
  • Increased almond acreage in Australia
  • Started pepper plantations in Vietnam
Invested capital S$3,480.9m

Confectionery and Beverage Ingredients

Leadership positions

  • #1 originator of cocoa beans
  • #1 focused supplier of cocoa beans and cocoa products
  • #2 global coffee supplier

  • Acquired ADM’s cocoa business and became a top three integrated supplier of cocoa beans and products globally
  • Increased total coffee acreage across Laos, Zambia, Tanzania and Brazil from 3,600 to 5,200 hectares
  • Harvested our first coffee crop in Zambia and exported the specialty coffee beans to Japan
  • Operating soluble coffee plants in Vietnam and Spain at full capacity
Invested capital S$5,717.9m

Food Staples and Packaged Foods

Leadership positions

  • #2 largest wheat miller in Nigeria and Ghana
  • Amongst top 5 grain exporters out of Russia
  • #2 global rice merchant
  • Developing one of the largest sustainable palm businesses in Africa
  • Top 2 manufacturers of tomato paste, MSG seasonings, biscuits, candies and drinking yoghurt in Nigeria

  • Became third largest dairy farm operator in Russia with 13,600 head of livestock, of which 7,300 are milking cows
  • Commissioned wheat milling plant in Cameroon
  • Expanded partnership with Sanyo Foods of Japan to grow Packaged Foods in Sub Saharan Africa
  • Planted 31,500 hectares of palm in our Phase 1 sustainable development of 50,000 hectares in Gabon
  • Commissioned integrated rice milling facility within our 10,000 hectare paddy farm in Nigeria
  • Expanded exports of white sugar to new geographies in Africa and Central Asia
Invested capital S$3,231.4m

Industrial Raw Materials

Leadership positions

  • #1 largest FSC ® certified contiguous tropical forestry concessions
  • #2 global cotton merchant
  • Developer of one of the largest sustainable rubber businesses in Africa

  • Increased cotton market share in large destination markets, such as Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico
  • Consolidated our sustainable forestry and traceability footprint with our European customers
  • Planted 7,500 hectares of rubber in our Phase 1 sustainable development of 28,000 hectares in Gabon
  • Entered into adjacent fertiliser markets in East Africa in addition to West Africa
  • Commenced ag-logistics and infrastructure development with Special Economic Zone developing a general cargo and mineral port in Gabon
Invested capital S$1,917.5m

Commodity Financial Services (CFS)

Three complementary businesses make up our Commodity Financial Services segment: Market Making and Volatility Trading, Risk Management Solutions and our Fund Management business, Invenio. All use tacit knowledge of, and expertise in, commodity and derivative markets to deliver tailor made solutions to our customers. Highlights

  • Scaled up risk management solutions and funds management businesses organically
Invested capital S$82.6m

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