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Internal Talent Mobility

At Olam, our employees are provided the platform for internal role change towards taking the responsibility for their careers within the company and improve ability to grow skill sets and develop careers. The internal talent mobility program Momentum provides visibility to the organisation wide roles available for employee to apply.

Olam’s Internal Talent Mobility program has been effective towards mobilising internal talent in response to business needs. It serves as an effective tool in:

  • Aligning individual career aspirations to organisational need
  • Enabling transparency in internal opportunities to develop skill sets and grow careers
  • Retaining good quality talent and consistent performers
  • Favouring internal trained talent over external hires and improving success rate in critical roles
  • Strengthening collaborations and one company approach

The Momentum program makes opportunities available to a wider group within the company and convert it as an effective recruiting channel of good quality / trained candidates thereby improving chance of success for the individual in the identified role.