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Global Winning Careers

A key determinant of our success has been our ability to rapidly transfer distinctive competencies from our global talent pool to each new business or geography, strengthening our overall leadership strength.

Our people are empowered to grow their careers across multiple businesses and geographies, maximising their learning and development from different roles and business contexts. They are also given the opportunity to alter their career paths at any time, to suit changing interests, competencies and career aspirations and to maximise their learning through different roles.

Our Career Planning Framework is designed to:

  • Understand individual Embedded Life Passions (ELP) and track aspirations
  • Assist individuals in identifying the correct fit with career roles in the company
  • Identify areas for development to prepare them for future roles

Most importantly, Olam believes in consistency. Recognising that superior results are essential for career growth, we look for a track record of sustained successes, taking a long-term view of performance against ‘Business and People Results’. An individual is expected to remain in an assignment long enough to make his or her contributions clear.