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Entrepreneurial & Specialist Roles

At Olam, we inject a high level of empowerment into all our managerial roles. Because we are organised as a transnational matrix with business, country management and functional streams, we have successfully integrated significant elements of discretionary decision-making at each organisational tier. All our managers are strongly encouraged to ‘own’ their businesses and act as entrepreneurs.


Business Stream Expand

These roles are directly responsible for the profit and loss of a business or a section of business in more than one country. They are a part of the team of Global Business Heads overseeing global strategy, resource allocation and logistics coordination, as well as managing synergies and efficiencies for their respective businesses and the organisation as a whole.

Roles in this category include Global Business Heads; Traders and Regional Business Heads.

Country Management Stream Expand

The primary objective of the Country Management team is to be in tune and responsive to the local market and to manage sourcing, processing, logistics and distribution activities in their respective countries while controlling supply chain risks.

Typical roles here include Regional Controllers, Country Heads, Profit Centre Heads and Branch Managers. These roles also have direct P&L responsibilities.

Functional Stream Expand

Functional Teams help us structure organisation-wide capabilities and innovations that can be applied across national borders. This means systematically identifying specialised information, and engineering leading-edge knowledge and technology transfers across our various businesses and geographies.

Functions in Olam include Finance & Accounting; Information Technology; Risk; Audit; Human Resources; Manufacturing and Technical Services; Plantations and Farming; Strategic Investments; Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability; Investor Relations; Treasury and Shipping.

Although headed at a global level, functional team members are located in different tiers across various countries.