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Benefits & Rewards

Olam’s managers are incentivised on the basis of the company’s overall success and their individual business performances, particularly in the efficiency of return on equity and risk capital. We also practice giving meaningful employee stock to our management team, further encouraging our managers to act as business owners. This approach has not only made us more ambitious and entrepreneurial, but also more sensitive to our careful utilisation of scarce resources.

Annual Awards Programme

At a global level, Olam has a well developed & structured annual awards programme. Managers across the organisation are recognised annually under the below awards categories :

  • Individual Awards for Leader, Entrepreneur and operational excellence
  • Team Awards for One Olam, Sustainability In Action, Human Capital and Customer Excellence
  • Best Country/Product/Function

The annual awards are communicated in the annual Management Committee (ManCom) meeting which provides great visibility and recognition platform to the awardees.