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Global Talent

The heart of Olam’s management strength is the Global Assignee Talent Pool (GATP). This comprises a core group of over 900 managers who are key to maintaining our focus on delivering our strategy at the operational level.

A key tenet of our leadership philosophy has been to create leaders from within as well as integrating talent from newly acquired businesses. Membership of the GATP ensures all our new and existing managers are aligned to Olam’s Strategy, Philosophy and Shared Values.

We have created the necessary talent pipeline by consistently attracting high quality management professionals. Apart from managerial talent, we have also assembled a line-up of specialists with the deep domain knowledge and technical skills that give us the edge in execution. We also focus on entry level hiring of Management Trainees from reputable business schools across Asia, South America and Africa.

The entrepreneurial nature of our business means a high level of empowerment is built into managerial roles, especially in the origins. For this to be effective, significant commitment and discretionary effort is required. We encourage this by providing roles that are aligned with personal goals. In return our short-term incentive schemes reward ownership behaviour, while our equity compensation scheme helps build long-term alignment and commitment.