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      • Michelle Tanya Kwek

        Tanya Kwek

        Manager - Corporate Affairs, Singapore

        I've been with Olam for three years, and the opportunities presented to me in my role as Manager, Corporate Affairs-Secretariat, speaks of an organisation that recognises value in each employee and empowers them for the betterment of the business.

      • A. Shekhar


        Executive Director and Board Member, Singapore

        Olam's managers are able to develop their skill sets on an accelerated basis within short time periods. Their confidence from building and growing multiple businesses is an Olam asset, one that helps us continuously build on our talent pool.

      • Saurabh Mehra


        Vice President - Grains Business, Nigeria

        Olam's culture of entrepeneurship and openness has instilled in us a sense of ownership that also aligns to our own personal aspirations. We work happily as a team setting ourselves ambitious growth targets and celebrating our collective successes.

      • Raja Saoud


        Sr. Vice President - Coffee Business, Singapore

        Since joining Olam, I have seen first-hand how it actively supports, encourages and nurtures strong candidates with career opportunities across the globe. In Olam, if you are hardworking and have fire in your belly, then the sky is the limit.

      • Prakash Jhanwar


        Regional Controller - Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam

        After 13 years in Olam, I am still amazed by the audacity of the ideas conceptualise to achieve newer goals. The challenge is in ensuring that the whole team shares the same dream, spurring our collective creative energy to even higher ambitions.

      • Dave DeFrank


        Sr. Vice President - Olam Farming, California

        Olam inculcates a competitive environment that encourages innovative thinking to raise business potential. With its global expertise and result oriented management, it has developed a strong competitive advantage in its quickness to access and act on market opportunities.

      • Rishi Kalra


        Senior Vice President & Global Finance Head – Product Lines, Singapore

        In working alongside the business and functional teams, we assess potential opportunities and partnerships; finding innovative ways to shape growth strategies and reduce costs. This has provided me with the right tools and experience to grow into a competent finance professional.

      • Gagan Gupta


        Country Head-Gabon, Africa

        Olam empowered me to unleash my entrepreneurial spirit while taking calculated risks. In supporting my ideas and proposals, it invested in 3 new projects in Gabon. The is an example of the freedom of entrepreneurship advocated by Olam.

      • Damien Houlahan


        Executive General Manager - Almonds Business, Australia

        With a solid global growth focus, Olam has enabled wonderful career opportunities for its people. I was tasked to become Business Head in its newly acquired Australian Almonds Business. Such career challenges are invaluable.

      • Ramesh Sundaresan


        President Olam-International, India

        Allowing us the freedom to innovate on new growth areas is something very distinctive about Olam. It's confidence that I continue to seek new opportunities while managing risk really motivates me to ensure my ideas become sustainable organizational capability.


From the very beginning, investing in and developing talent and leadership has been one of our top priorities and that process is deeply embedded in our corporate culture. We place a strong emphasis on developing a deep bench-strength of managers and leaders. We understand that success stems from the ability of our people to execute our multiple growth initiatives, so our people are empowered to grow their careers across multiple businesses and geographies, maximising their learning and development from different roles and business contexts. This means each time a new business is started, a new geography is opened, or a new value chain initiative is developed, we are able to deploy a core team of leaders and managers who have the capabilities to spearhead the opportunity.