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To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we are running a series of articles written by experts and inspiring individuals who have come to know and influence Olam over the years. Each has their own perspective on what it means to Transcend Boundaries – the meaning of 'Olam'. To see the full series, click the Transcending Boundaries tab under categories on the left.
  1. Using Digital to Transform Aqua Feed Operations in NigeriaSep 01, 2018

    Author Shilpi Suman
    Olam’s Animal Feed and Protein (AFP) business in Nigeria works closely with the Nigerian fish farming community. This community is an integral part of Nigerian economy and Olam’s Aqua Feed operations. Olam AFP has a team of Aquaculture Technical Executives (ATE’s) spread across Nigeria who interact with the farmers regularly. […]
  2. Growing palm oil’s capacity for goodJul 24, 2018

    Ranveer S. Chauhan
    My participation in EU-RT 2018 (RSPO Europe Round Table 2018) a few weeks ago brought out some frank conversations on one of my WhatsApp groups. Some friends wanted to know more about EURT and when I explained that it relates to use of sustainable palm oil, some of those that […]
  3. Child labour in cocoa: Why it’s so hard to combat and what we’re doing about itJun 12, 2018

    Simon Brayn-Smith
    60% of child labour is in the agricultural sector. That’s a staggering fact made only more concerning when you learn that in West Africa, where 70% of the world’s cocoa is sourced, 2.1 million children work in cocoa fields[i]. This is an issue which agribusinesses like Olam – along with our […]
  4. How Olam enhances your Coffee experience through Internet of ThingsApr 05, 2018

    Author Shilpi Suman
    Ever wondered what goes into that perfect cup of coffee you enjoy so much? Well it is hand-picked coffee beans, with just the right proportion of water, milk, sugar and… IoT. Yes, IoT! Olam ensures quality consistency in its finished product using the Internet of Things and Big Data analytics. […]
  5. The pleasures and pains of choosing one idea that is re-imagining agriculture in the Senegal BasinDec 05, 2017

    Supramaniam Ramasamy
    It’s not just those who work in agriculture, like me, who recognise the vital role that scientific research will play in tackling one of the foremost challenges of our time: how to feed a growing population in a way that puts the farmer first while using fewer resources to ensure […]
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