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To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we are running a series of articles written by experts and inspiring individuals who have come to know and influence Olam over the years. Each has their own perspective on what it means to Transcend Boundaries – the meaning of 'Olam'. To see the full series, click the Transcending Boundaries tab under categories on the left.
  1. Supporting cocoa smallholders to transcend the boundaries of climate change, by Martin Noponen, Rainforest AllianceNov 25, 2015

    Martin Noponen
    Climate change poses a multitude of risks to business. From the effects on agricultural commodity production, to the cost of rising fuel taxes, to human health threats caused by extreme weather events. As a result, businesses are increasingly building a climate change agenda into their own risk management strategies. But […]
  2. Living well within planetary boundaries, by Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder of Forum for the FutureNov 18, 2015

    Jonathon Porritt
    By far the biggest boundary we have to transcend today is our compulsion to keep on transcending boundaries! Over the last 40 years, I’ve collected any number of definitions of sustainable development. One of my favourites is this: ‘To live on Planet Earth as if we were planning to live […]
  3. Transcending boundaries through a high performance leadership culture, by John Buchanan, ex-Australian Cricket CoachNov 06, 2015

    John Buchanan
    “To put your business or organisation in a winning position – leaders must keep their eyes on the ball” Winning in sport or business is one thing. To be able to dominate your market place consistently over a decade or more is another – that’s what I’d call ‘transcending boundaries’. That […]