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Management Committee

Our next tier of senior leadership is the Management Committee (ManCom). This comprises 90 members including our Exco as well as senior managers drawn from various geographies, products and specialist functions. The ManCom ensures our leadership is aligned to Olam’s mission and shared goals and helps to spearhead our ongoing growth initiatives.

ManCom meets once a year to participate in planning and implementing all aspects of our corporate strategy. Our people strategy is realised through five key areas of focus: securing the immediate and future talent needs of our business; deepening the professional capability in our upstream and downstream processes; strengthening our emerging market expertise; continuing to build and nurture our ‘winning’ culture and increasing the effectiveness and reach of our HR systems and processes.

The broad geographic spread of our operations means the reach of our talent management practices is vital for them to be effective. A two-pronged approach makes this possible. Firstly by initiating best-in-class dedicated internal systems has helped us administer our management processes, including their interface with our financial systems for overall effectiveness.

Secondly by developing our leadership group the Global Assignee Talent Pool (GATP) which has embedded our culture and processes at all our major locations through dedicated governance systems.