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Facts & Snippets

3.2 billion pizzas
We plant, harvest and process enough tomatoes to top 3.2 billion pizzas every year
28.7 billion almond cupcakes
We grow enough Almonds to bake 28.7 billion cupcakes
367 million litres
We trade 367 million litres of dairy products a year
2 billion burgers
Our dehydrated onions are served on 2 billion burgers a year
1 in 3 chocolate bars
For every 3 chocolate bars that are consumed in the world, 1 is made from beans handled by Olam
5 billion T-Shirts
We supply enough cotton annually to make 5 billion T-Shirts
500 billion sugar cubes
Olam trades enough raw sugar to produce 500 billion sugar cubes
2 servings
The quantity of rice we handle annually could provide everyone in the world with 2 servings