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In a Nutshell

We are a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 66 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 22,000 customers worldwide. We grow, source, process, manufacture, transport, trade and market 47 different agri-products. Our team of 72,000 full-time, seasonal, contract and temporary employees work to bring essential agricultural products to homes around the globe every day.

Established in 1989, trading cashew from Nigeria to India, today we have built a global leadership position in many of our businesses such as Edible Nuts, Cocoa, Spices and Vegetable Ingredients, Coffee and Cotton.

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Our Purpose – Re-imagining Global Agriculture: Growing Responsibly

Our Purpose is to ‘Re-imagining Global Agriculture: Growing Responsibly’. It is our ambitious mission to drive transformation in our sector. That we will do so in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner is a given in the world of Olam. There are 3 outcomes we intend to achieve through our Purpose: i) Prosperous farmers and farming systems; ii) Thriving communities; and iii) Re-generation of the living world.

Olam’s initiatives in rural communities are one aspect of this, and in 2010 The Olam Livelihood Charter (OLC) was launched to set a benchmark for projects that incorporate all 8 charter Principles of finance, improved yield, labour practices, market access, quality, traceability, social investment and environmental impact.

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