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Facts & Snippets

40 Million Suits
Olam produces enough wool to make 40 million suits per year
7,610,626,992 Peanut Butter Sandwiches
The amount of peanuts processed by Olam could easily serve 7,610,626,992 peanut butter sandwiches
9.2 million Bathtubs
The quantity of dairy ingredients Olam trades annually could fill 9.2 million bathtubs
2 billion Burgers
Olam's dehydrated onions are served on over 2 billion burgers per year
1 in 8 Chocolate Bars
For every 8 chocolate bars that are consumed in the world, 1 is made from beans handled by Olam
3 pairs Of Socks
Olam produces enough cotton to provide everyone in the world with 3 pairs of socks annually
200 Years
Olam could easily provide generous sesame toppings on burgers to each of the 18 million residents of Shanghai for the next 200 years
7 times Population of Africa
The quantity of rice handled by Olam annually could feed the entire population of the African continent for a week
1,300 cups Of Coffee Per Second
The amount of coffee handled annually equates to 1,300 cups of coffee consumed every second