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Executive Committee

Olam’s Executive Committee (ExCo) is the top leadership team in the company. It consists of the three members of our Board Level Corporate Executive Team and our business, geography and functional heads, most of whom have spent between 12 and 20 years in the Company.

The Executive Committee meets six times a year to participate in developing corporate strategy and provide thought leadership for various organisation-wide growth initiatives. Our ambitious growth plans set challenging goals and our talent development strategies play a critical role in preparing us to meet them. Systematic talent planning, individual skills development plans and a high performance ethic ensure that our organisation is prepared at all levels to meet the challenge of realising our vision and objectives.

We have a very strong culture permeating throughout our company. We believe that this culture creates the enabling environment that is the foundation of our ability to achieve our high performance levels. Through this we have been able to foster a strong spirit of inclusiveness, whilst growing the organisation across 70 countries with over 25,000 employees.