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Board of Directors

Olam is led by a dynamic Board of Directors who play an active role in the business of the Company and work closely with the Senior Management Team, in ensuring the long term success of the Company. The members of the Board provide leadership and support to the Senior Management team, enabling us to deliver our strategy and achieve our aspirations without compromising integrity and internal controls.

Our Board comprises Independent Non-executive Directors and Executive Directors who represent the shareholders of the Company, and are accountable to them for value creation through the effective governance of the business. The foremost roles of the Board are to:

  • Provide leadership and guidance on the strategic direction of the Company
  • Approve and review annual budgets and plans
  • Oversee and evaluate the internal controls for risk management, financial reporting and compliance
  • Approve major acquisitions, divestments and fund raising exercises
  • Ensure the Company’s compliance with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Assume responsibility for corporate governance
  • Set values and standards to ensure all our obligations are understood and met
  • Review environmental policies and standards to ensure we make a positive social impact across our business
  • Review the performance of the Senior Management Team

The Directors set aside a full day in each quarter to review and evaluate business performance and address key policy matters. Additional, non-scheduled Board meetings and meetings held via telephone conference are held to deliberate on urgent and substantive matters. We believe the effectiveness, dedication and contribution of the Board toward our continuous growth goes beyond these scheduled meetings.